Sales Tracking as a Breeze

So that you can get rid of the spreadsheet mess

A smart and simple contact management software

Guides the sales process from pre-contact to past contract

Efficient for overseeing a handful of salespeople

For small businesses that do personal sales

Integrated business lead and task management

Get Rid of These Daily Annoyances

Many of our clients used to face these issues every day — they no longer do. And you?

Trouble Getting New Business?

  • Have you ever lost a business because something was forgotten in the sales process?
  • Can you predict the decline of sales activities results? Can you make the necessary steps to avoid it in time?
  • Can you overview the sales activities and results at your company? Can you compare periods?
  • Do you always remember what was the previous sales step of a client? Do you always have a next step to follow up?
  • Can you measure the performance of salespeople by objective numbers?
  • Can you reach the clients’ s sales history anywhere: during the negotiation or in your car?

Wasting Time?

  • Can you easily access the latest version of the offerings or contracts?
  • Want to share client and sales information with your colleagues?
  • Do you want to become a computer expert or simply use an application?
  • Can you see all the relevant emails sent to the client by other colleagues?
  • The salespeople do not use the current system. Is it too complicated, time consuming, difficult to understand or to use?
  • Do you have more information about your clients and sales process than your diary, smartphone or spreadsheets can easily handle?

Why is it a Breeze?

Why choose ForestCRM?

It is Simple: easy to learn, easy to use

You can start using right away

No setup required

Little input for lots of useful insights

Salespeople like to use it

Talk to the system if you don't feel like typing

You can input all fields through voice recognition: it's hands-free and fun.
But of course you can always type as well.

Already Touched by our Breeze

References and success stories

Green Energy

The largest industrial community of our CRM for small business is the Green Energy Sector. Why? Because their product is relatively high valued, the sales process is quite long and communication intensive.


In the HVAC sector there are usually several parallel smaller leads. ForestCRM solves their customer management issues, gives an overview of the sales process and the status of the installations.

Other Clients

ForestCRM is used in many other industries where the personal communication is present in the sales process. Some examples: catering services, recycling, media agencies, wholesale.

Get New Customers as a Breeze


Get New Customers

Never lose a lead! The system support the sales process from the lead appearing to the end of contracting phase.


You can track and delegate your tasks easily. Always fulfill your promise to your customer.

Information Center

You can find all necessary sales information in one place: proposals, contracts, emails, contacts' name, telephone, address etc..

Google and Outlook Calendar

You can see your tasks in Google or Outlook calendars.

Easy To Learn

It is a really simple application: you can learn it within an hour, your sales reps can use it as a breeze.

Mobile Access

All client info is accessible on the go — during a client negotiation or in your car.

Sales Performance Tracking as a Breeze

Key Performance Indicators Generated Automatically

Activity Dashboard

Who did what? How active the team has been? What are the results?
See sample...

Weekly Results

What is the weekly results of the year on the different areas: contracts, proposals, meetings?
See sample...

Sales Plan and Actuals

Set up plans and the system track automatically. You can measure number of telephones (e.g. cold call), meetings, proposals, contracts.
See sample...

Sales Funnel

What is the efficiency of your team or your sales reps? How do leads convert to proposals and to contracts? What is the reason when turned down?
See sample...

Who Are Our Best Clients?

Which customers should be in our focus? Which 20% generates the 80% of total revenue?
See sample...

Cross Selling

Who should we target with other products?

Pricing as a Breeze

As simple as the system

  • Maximum 50 companies
  • Non-priority EMAIL SUPPORT