Sales Tools for Managers

Be on top of your process

Company-wide overview

Have a 10,000 ft view

See what you and the team has achieved—and what is ahead

Evaluate partners

Easily see what your clients are worth across the board

See where you need to intervene

Overview key conversion points

Sales Funnel report

Manage by exception

Flopping opportunities report

Evaluate your team

Measure activities and results

Dive into individual performances by KPIs

Track activities and closed deals against targets

Maintain alignment and control progress

Sales Tools for Fieldsales

All client info at your fingertips

A guided sales process

… at every step so that you can close more.

Cross-sales support

How can you make your existing clients even more valuable?

Smart and simple contact management

All the data in one place

Integrated task management

Be on top of todos and keep focus

Document management

Store offers, contracts, and other client-related documents in the same system.

Voice recognition

If you don't like to type — dictate.