Sales Funnel Stages

The process to turn leads into contracts

Sales Funnel Stages

A sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase.

ForestCRM implements a simplified model. Four sales funnel stages are applied:

  • Contact list: a list of potential customers with contact details
  • Lead: companies where some specific sales opportuntiy has been identified or the clients has shown interest
  • Proposal: an offer has been submitted
  • Contract: the opportunity has been closed into a contract

Manage your sales funnel

Statistics and details of each stage

Zoom from the overall funnel down to each prospect easily

Conversion KPIs

Measure your conversion efficiency

Analyze churn

See which deals are pending or lost and understand why

Manage the individual deals

Identify next steps

What needs to be done to move the case forward?

See the client's history

All interactions with a click

Are we on track?

Are there any late tasks, missed deadlines, or unkept promises?